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People help others every day of their lives. They take the time to walk elderlies across the street, or going and volunteering at the hospital, or doing community service. But I am different. Sure I like to do all of the same things as everyone else, but mostly I like to build foundations for others. One of these others is the Weiss family.

The Weiss family always made do with what they had, which was never very much. The Weiss family was grateful for everything, never complaining, just grateful for each other. It was a family of eight, one guardian and seven mentally and physically challenged children. Most of the children have Down syndrome, and the others had other various disabilities. The family lives in a run down house with practically nothing their name, but still enjoyed every bit of life, and lived it to the fullest. But like every other family that has problems, so did the Weiss family. The guardian/mom was dealing with financial issues and the house that they were living in was pretty much in ruins. When my church heard of this family and the troubles that they were enduring, we decided to do something about it and help them in any way that we could.

My church, Community of Faith, decided to do a complete home makeover for the Weiss family. With more than 200 volunteers including myself, we took a period of two weeks to finish their home. I mean we are talking brand new landscaping, furniture, kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, paint, windows, appliances, and much much more. You name it we did it. I remember being outside most of the time just digging and planting, and then digging some more. When I was inside I would paint and move things and move more things and then paint even more.

Helping this family made me feel good inside like I was building a new life for them. A new foundation for them to hold on to and cherish forever. I was doing something that was not only good for the community but something that was good...

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