founding fathers

founding fathers

Spiritual Life Essay

I was raised in a Southern Baptist church that was very formal, everyone had their place and everything had its place. While attending this church I accepted Christ at a young age, seven years old, but I really don’t believe that I understood the whole concept of God or salvation at the time. Right before I accepted Christ as my savior , most of my older cousins were being saved and I seen how proud this made my grandfather and I believe that at this time I thought if I accepted Christ then he would be proud of me to. One Sunday night I went down to alter call and spoke to the Pastor there and told him I wanted to be baptized. Now, I did feel God in my heart and felt moved to go down for call. The problem was that I was never asked if I fully understood what it meant or what I was feeling. I think being that young that this needs to be a priority. As time went on I stayed in church for a while but never grew in my faith the way I should have and in turn grew away from religion and God all together and in the adult life due to some life experiences.

In the last couple of years though I had a life experience that was a wakeup call to me that made me bring God back into my life. I had a battle with depression and thoughts of suicide. It got to the point to where one day I just called out to God for his mercy and to come back into my life and he did in a very powerful way. Now I walk with him, talk with him through prayer and read his word. I put full faith and trust in him and lean on his guidance for my life and have started going to a discipleship class at my present church that has been a blessing to me.

My motivation is for people who need to hear God at a time in their life when they might need to. They could be going through a problem like what I went through or they could have lost someone that was close to them and just feel like the world is closing in around them. I feel at this time, being someone who has...

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