Friends: Online and Offline

Friends: Online and Offline

There are many kinds of friends. Nowadays, people usually talk about online friends and offline friends. These two kinds of friends seem to be the same because they are all our friends. But, in fact, they are absolutely different.

The first difference is the way to make friends. To have online friends, people just need to have an email address and sit in front of a computer. After choosing a random friend from the internet, talking with him is all they have to do, and if they feel interested in chatting with the person, they can ask him to become friend. Everything happens very fast. Different from making online friends, it seems to be harder in making offline friends. People must go to somewhere to create relationships. For example, they go to school and make friends with other students, or chat with the coworkers in their office. In this way, it takes a lot of time for people to become friends. Online and offline friends have their own way to make friends.

Another difference between online friends and offline friends is the way to communicate. Online friends are the people who know each other by the screen of their computer; using words and voice chat are the main ways they use to communicate. In addition, people may feel shy or uncomfortable to talk with the people who are younger or older than them, but it is not important for online friends. They may have a lot of online friends at different ages, and they can talk to their friends freely without worrying about anything. Unlike online friends, offline friends have to chat face to face, so they can watch their friends’ face and feelings. Although the age doesn’t matter with online friends, it is a big problem with offline friends. Respecting the older people they are talking to can make the conversation uncomfortable; having offline friends at different ages is not easy. The way to communicate between offline friends and online friends has nothing in common.

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