Fur Trade Hudson Bay Company

Fur Trade Hudson Bay Company

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Barack Obama Pamma Sidhu

In the last US election Barack Obama and John Mc Cain were both trying to become the president .The whole world was shocked after seeing Barack Obama coming out on top of John Mc Cain. After 140 years of slavery we have our first black president, who would have thought that we would have a black president after so many years.

Barack Obama was elected as president on November, 04/08. This is a very historical event as many people watch the first black president winning the election. Obama will change the US to make it a very good place to live. Obama’s victory will now improve and have a difference in the US. Obama becoming the president is like " 'the first human to set foot on the moon' ". Barack Obama was born in 1961, when black people were not allowed to vote. However now the US has a black president and they should have the equal rights to vote and be able to do other things.

Barack Obama made a promise to bring back the soldiers from Iraq and send them to go fight in Afghanistan. Since he is black and is the president he said that will make a big affect in racism against black people and slavery in the past 140 years. Also, black people that had to go to places, so they took busses, they had to sit in the back. Now they don’t have to sit in the back anymore because everyone is equal and everyone has the same amount of rights as any other person in the United States, “ ‘This was Dr.King’s dream, to have someone in the black com to represent us, and bring the races together’ ”(Vancouver Sun, Taylor Rogers).

Obama has shown us amazing political skills and leadership which attracted peoples minds and made them choice Barack Obama, so Obama will have to prove to us that he can make U.S.A a better place in this world, “ ‘Obama will have to help reshape the U.S.A. image’ ”(Vancouver Sun, Erick Johnson). He will have to show us that he can run this country and keep all his promises he made to everyone. Obama will...

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