Gambeling Addiction

Gambeling Addiction

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Name: Daniel R. Thomas

Topic: Gambling Addiction

Thesis: To persuade the audience about the dangers of having a gambling addiction, the steps, signs, and causes that shows one is addicted, and how it affects yourself, your family, and others close to you in your life.

I. The definition of a gambling addiction. (Russell)
II. As a fan of sports and card play, explain how gambling can start casually and turn in to a habit and how one is considered a compulsive or a pathological gambler.
III. Give a brief explanation of the three topics I will be covering.
A. The dangers of gambling
B. The phases, signs, and causes of an addicted gambler
C. How it affects yourself, your family, and others close to you in your life


I. Having a gambling problem can ruin a person’s life.
A. Gambling can either make you rich or bankrupt you. (Kuphur)
B. Various types of gambling availability.
a. Casinos
b. Card Rooms
c. Internet Gambling
D. Gambling addiction can be considered a chronic illness and may be in your family’s history. (Kuphur)
a. Hereditary
b. Youth
c. Gender

II. The phases, signs, and causes of becoming an addicted gambler.
A. The phases that determine is one is addicted. (Russell)
a. The Winning Phase
1. Winning small or large bets
2. Boosts Self Esteem
b. The Chasing Phase
1. Addiction starts to unravel
2. Hide gambling debts
3. Family and friends become ignored and debt starts to become a main issue in life (Russell)
c. The Desperation Phase
1. Nothing matters in life but gambling (Russell)...

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