Garland Water Utilities Introduces Fleetgreen

Garland Water Utilities Introduces Fleetgreen

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Garland Water Utilities Introduces FleetGreen

The City of Garland, Texas (population 225,000) Water Utilities has introduced an environmentally proactive initiative named FleetGreen that serves as the department’s public awareness focal point to educate customers and citizens of the department’s efforts in doing its part toward supporting a cleaner environment while cutting operating costs, improving fuel conservation and reducing vehicle emissions through utilizing today’s fleet management solutions to manage its vehicle fleet. The utility operates a fleet of vehicle in excess of $3,000,000.00 in the delivery of repairs, replacements, video documentation and maintenance work activities in overseeing a water delivery and sewer recovery infrastructure system measuring over 2000 miles of combined potable water and sewer main lines.

What is FleetGreen?

FleetGreen is the name of an initiative conceived by Garland Water Utilities in 2005 to promote public awareness and to demonstrate our commitment toward a cleaner environment through the reducing greenhouse emissions, reducing fuel mileage and cutting operating expenses by utilizing today’s work and fleet management solutions. Since 2005, the utility has supported utilization of vehicle management and monitoring solutions on its vehicle fleet. The utility chose to become a leader and to demonstrate to others just what was possible by installing an automated vehicle location system (AVL) in its fleet toward the end of 2005. The system is used to provide the utility with real time information on the location of its fleet as well as alerts when vehicles leave prescribed geographic boundaries and exceed city posted speed limits.

Why Fleet Green?

The utility wanted to create an awareness system whereby it could communicate the successes it continues to achieve through the use of inexpensive fleet management solutions like its vehicle tracking system in the reduction in fuel and overall miles...

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