Gen105 Assignment

Gen105 Assignment

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Construct your own 350- to 400-word scenario in which you explain distance learning to a friend. Your response should explain how Axia courses work and should correctly use each of the following terms at least once:

Threaded Discussion
Asynchronous Communication

Today I began my classes for my psychology degree. I don’t have to go to an actual classroom everyday. I can keep working and maintaining my family while I get my degree. I take two courses every nine weeks until my credits are complete. They break the courses up and explain in a syllabus what is learned each week. There is a Chat Room for classmates to discuss or ask questions about assignments. Classmates have their own email where classmates, instructors, or staff can message you. Instructors give complete information all themselves to help in contacting them.
All my courses are online as a distance-learning program. Everyday I go online and check into a Forum, which is like an online classroom where my classmates and instructors all meet. We turn in our assignments and have discussions in the Main Forum. When we meet in the Main Forum we have Threaded Discussions this is where the class will respond to other classmates and instructors discussions. Classmates and I aren’t online at the same time; we all live in different states and cities, or just live different lives while we are attending school. This is called Asynchronous Communication, each classmate has an individual Forum to discuss or ask any questions to the instructors, this is completely confidential, other classmates cannot see what is discussed and given in Feedback. In Main Forum and Chat Forum everybody can give Feedback to each other where the instructors and classmates observe this. Our complete calendar and syllabus is available online also to explain assignments and due dates. The instructors are available for any questions or help. This is the best and easiest way for me to go get my degree as a working...

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