Gene One Paper

Gene One Paper

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Problem Solution: Gene One

Angela Mendez

University Of Phoenix

This paper will look at one such company and review the issues that are incumbent in an IPO situation and discuss questions such as the following: How does going public effect the stakeholders? What is the best way to go public with the least amount of fallout? Is going public the right decision at the right time? How can the company executives make this work?
The senior leadership team at Gene One clearly has a significant obstacle ahead as they attempt to purse the company’s new direction. A number of issues exist that need to be reviewed, evaluated, and resolved before they can proceed with this strategic plan. These issues include organizational communication, emotional intelligence, and organizational commitment. Benchmarking against other industry leaders who have handled these types of situations will greatly benefit Gene One as they move forward. The following companies describe these concepts and examples: General Electric and Motorola.
Gene One is a biological company that has led the industry in groundbreaking technology. Their technology approach to abolishing disease in tomatoes and potatoes has eliminated the need for pesticides, thus paving the way for consumers to purchase these items without the worry of ingesting cancer causing chemicals. On target to become an industry leader, Gene One is positioned to go public and the leadership team has been tasked with developing a sound strategy to do so (University of Phoenix, 2007, 2).
Gene One is the brainchild of CEO Don Ruiz and he along with four of his colleagues made the company a reality. Don is the creative force behind the company and has extensive technology and industry expertise. Michelle Houghton is the CFO and one of the founders of the company. She has never been in charge of finances in a large corporation or been involved in an IPO but she has an excellent reputation with those she has done...

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