The Gene One

The Gene One

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Problem Solution: Gene One
Zaida Bryce Sr.
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Gene One
Gene One is an organization that has develops a gene technology, which eradicates diseases on tomatoes and potatoes. This technology has been a good help for the farmers and has help Gene One achieve $400 million success in eight years of business. Gene One CEO Don Ruiz as the Board of directors assumes if the company is to continue its growth at a 40% each year, then the company need to go public with an (IPO) initial public offering. The organization has a deadline to meet within three years of starting the process and having an IPO.
The reason for this paper is to review Gene One decision of becoming a public company. In taking Gene One public is a new venture for the team members. Therefore, this paper will take and in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities, which are available in the market for this company successful transition. Further, the company opportunities and challenges can be compared with its end stated goals.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
In 1996 Gene One entered into the biotechnology field and have grown into a $400 million business in eight years. Further, with the stock investor of Wall Street began to show interest on the biotechnology, specifically with the food and drug administration new leadership. The company board members and Don Ruiz CEO have come to a conclusion that for the company to keep up with the demands and annual growth target of 40% they need to become a public entity. Gene One will become a public company by achieving the necessary leadership and financial oversight required for a successful IPO. Gene One CEO and his Board members, along with the help of key members in the investment community, have devised a clear strategic plan.
In Gene One establishing a strategic plan and implementing it so it...

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