Getting Parents Involved in Their Child's Education

Getting Parents Involved in Their Child's Education

Running Head: Inquiry Brief

Getting Parents Involved in their child’s education


The purpose of this inquiry is to figure out a method to get parents more involved in their child’s education. The problem exists because (1) most parents in our communities lack availability, especially when it comes to an event their child is involved in at school. For a parent(s) to make at least one or two showings in support of their child’s participation in a class function, is quite a sacrifice because of their jobs. In these times, some parents work between eight and twelve hours a day and when they get off from work it is homework, eat, bath, and then bed. (2) There are so many single parents. Unlike my growing up period, my mother and grandparents made the difference in my educational path. Single parents have a huge task in front of them e.g. they have to keep their child’s heath up, they have to keep a roof over their head, and providing family time has proven to be detrimental to a single family’s survival. They have to do the job of two parents because they also, desire the same outcome for their children as a two parent home. Most parents that have taken on this “two parent role” are too tired to put in the time or they are too busy working long hours or two jobs to make ends meet. (3) Parents are getting younger each year. The earlier a child’s parent gets involved in their child’s education, the more powerful the effects. (Michigan Department of Education. [2001]).
This inquiry will take place at the A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Charter School in the Pre-Kindergarten four classrooms, in Dallas, Texas. The classroom consists of twenty-five students. With a population of 1,325 students, 87 % are African American and 13% Hispanic and Caucasian, collaboration with teammates and administrators makes for a better outcome.
The main goal is to bridge the gap between the parents and teachers’ communication about their child’s...

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