Girl Trafficking in Nepal

Girl Trafficking in Nepal

Who is responsible for the escalating problem of girl trafficking in Nepal ?

Girl trafficking problems are getting serious in some undeveloped countries, as well as in Nepal. Nowadays, this problem is increasing day by day. Most of the girls from the villages are likely to face this problem compare to the girls from the cities. In my opinion, it is because of poverty, lack of education and lack of security.

Firstly, the country's poverty is the main reason for girl trafficking. As the country is facing economic crisis, people are getting lower income and the rate of unemployment has started to increased. Therefore, people try to find ways to survive in a difficult situation which leads some parents to sell their daughters and some girls even sell themselves.

Lack of education is the second reason. Some girls who cant afford or do not want to learn are facing this kind of problems. As they are not educated, they may not self respect and knowledge. So that they can be easily be tricked by others.

The last reason is lack of security in villages. Since the country's political situation is not stable, security in the villages are weak. As the result, girls from the villages are mostly involved in this girl trafficking problems.

In conclusion, the NGOs and organizations which related to girl trafficking should focus and take actions on the reasons above. They should let the girls know how bad this problem is. So the girls could stay away and protect themselves against girl trafficking.

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