Global Warming by Definition

Global Warming by Definition

Based on, Global Warming means an increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and ocean in recent decades and its projected continuation. Global warming becomes most inconvenient truth in the world issued.

The fingerprints of Global warming are waves becoming hotter than before. The ocean is warming and the sea level is rising which cause coastal flooding. All the glaciers we have on Earth are melting. Also, the Arctic and Antarctic is warming because of the warmer temperature of the Earth.

Global warming causes the Atmosphere layer to thin out. That is because of the green house effect. Carbon monoxide (CO2) is one green house gas that pollutes the Earth. Year after year CO2 levels are going up. Al Gore has researched the CO2 levels from 650,000 years ago, that it has never gone over the 30% level. But from the present time to the next 50 years, the level is going to rise.

Nowadays in Africa, the weather has become hotter at summer time. It causes a lack of rainfall and the oasis becomes dry in the dessert. This situation is not happening only in Africa. This also happens in other continents like South East Asia, South America, North America, and Europe. Spring arrival comes earlier.

Because of Global warming, there are a lot of new diseases found nowadays such as Ebola, AIDS, etc. These diseases are spreading rapidly worldwide. Plant and animal range shifts and population changes. In the ocean, coral reef bleaching which makes the sea species which depends on coral reef becomes extinct.

Al Gore has been around the world to talk about Global warming. He struggles to reposition Global warming as a major problem rather than facts to the world. He takes the example of his country, United States to present Global warming, has already treats us if we aren’t concerned about that. He shows facts that Global warming is very dangerous for human beings. But the Government isn’t concern or even taking action. They are...

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