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Gm Status

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Strategic Management

Assignment I

Assignment Code: 2009GM05A1 Last Date of Submission: 31st March 2009
Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions. All questions carry equal marks

Section A

1. What should be the relationship between a business plan or business model and a strategic plan? Why does the former exist in much larger numbers than the latter? What factors that must be taken into consideration while developing a Strategic Plan?
2. Focusing on the enterprise for which you currently work or have worked in the past, list the key players who occupy competitive environment, directly relevant to your enterprise, as both competitors and complementors. Evaluate the impact of changes in the force of competition, if a new organization wants to enter this industry.
3. What is the time period over which competitive advantage can be retained without any action on the part of the enterprise? How far does this period differ from industry to industry? How has the communication revolution affected the creation and maintenance of competitive advantage in the following industries – Automobile, entertainment and Airlines?
4. Often the reorganization accompanying a takeover or the initiation of a major new project requires a structure different from the one characterizing an organization, which is stable and mature. How should this problem be dealt with? What are the key challenges? Illustrate from an example of one such organization.

Section B

Case study

5. Proctor & gamble; U.S.A announced a major structural change program across the globe, named ‘Organization 2005’. The purpose was to increase the turn over of P & G from $ 38 billion to $ 70 billion by 2005 by changing the work culture at P & G. The structural change initiated to bring about this change included setting up of four global business units based...

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