God's Angels

God's Angels

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God’s Angels
How do we actually know that God is coming back for us? Simple answer: We don’t know. There are little things in life that he does to us that make us more confident about trusting in him. He sets picture in our minds; he sends us comfort in our times of grief. He does everything in his almighty power just to give us something to live for every morning when we wake up. He is our motivation. He is our hope.
“Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge
him and he will make your paths strait.” Proverbs 2:5-6
My family is the kind of people who have been blessed with the returning spirits of our passed family members. My grandfathers, my mother’s childhood friends, my grandmother’s deceased church mates. Not to mention all the feelings that myself, my mother, and my grandmother experience when we feel that something is going to happen. There are few occurrences that have caught my attention though. Some of them, you might say, are just coincidential. But, if you really believe that he is the almighty, you will be further intrigued. As for these stories that I have mentioned, let me give YOU a mental picture of what I’m talking about.

My Grandmother’s Friends’ Message
My grandma had a friend. I do not recall the name but she was dying. God had told her, he was showing her signs, which gave her the knowledge of her becoming death.
She was in the car on her way to the hospital. Her husband was in the car with her as well as another person, whose name my

grandmother had never mentioned. This woman was [apparently] in the passenger seat of the vehicle, looking out the window… She says to the man “Look in the sky. Up at the clouds, its god’s hands.” The man looks up and sees the image in the clouds. The man says to the woman, “How did you even notice that?” She replies to him like it was just a coincidence that she had looked up at the sky on that very moment. He knew though...

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