Going Back to School and My Future Looks Brighter

Going Back to School and My Future Looks Brighter

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The “Essentials” of Going Back to School
Franklin Hall
ENG 121
Kim Elliott-White
September 8, 2010

Thinking of how important education can be and will bring about a direct change in your life. It builds character, corrects mindsets, and brings about stability in you daily living. Education is a valuable tool it helps create knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Corrects and tears down any barrier that seems to complicate facts from fiction. It’s a unique tool for brilliant thinkers who life is built on over estimating the quality of life.
Once you’ve made the decision to get up keep going forward because education is so essential in building your career in any goal that is set before you. It is a given talent that takes you to next level and that is being a winner in getting your degree. Stay on track, stay focus, you’re almost there and best part about it is how determined you really are in accomplishing your goal in life.

The “Essentials” of Going Back to School
The sun is beaming down on a cool crisp Monday morning; the kids were up and running all over the place. As the sun began to creep through my window shades somehow, seem to capture my attention. Soon I realize what was missing from my life, adventure, creativity, and fun. Going throughout the day wondering what purpose is there for my life. What goals have I not chosen to gain some type of foundation; that can make life successful and prosperous?
Looking back, it all started back in the year of 1973. That year was a year of purpose and goals of getting my high school diploma that I’ve always had in my heart to do. It was shattered dreams of a hope that now does not seem to exist. My mom had to come out to South Dade Senior High the school that I attended that year for a problem that had arisen in my life. The principal, counselor, and my mom came together for a conference concerning my education. The principal “says to my mom she’s missed to many days out of school so she has...

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