Goo Me Up

Goo Me Up

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Thomas Briscoe Jr
January 6, 2008
English 10

- Is living in a house your family owns different from living in a house use or apartment your family rents? How? Are renters
Owners and homeless people all considered equal citizens in America? Why or Why not?

- Living in a house your family owns is different from living in a house or apartment that your family rents. It is different because when you own a house you can do whatever you please in or to that house. An example of this is painting the walls, renovating, or even bringing pets in the house. When you rent a home or apartment you can’t do those things without confronting the landlord or the building you live in for permission. You also have to sign a contract for how long you plan on living there. You also have to pay a rent every month for as long as you stay there and you can also have the option to buy the house if the landlord gives that option to you.

Renters, owners, and homeless people are not considered equal citizens in America. The reason why is because the way people in America see things is who has the most money and who is living the better life. Money is a priority and homeless people unfortunately don’t really have any money and people don’t really pay attention to them. They are also not taken care of like they should be. Renters and owners are not considered equal because one owns a house and the other doesn’t. The person who owns a house will always have that house to live in unless they sell it and renters will only have their place to live as long as they pay rent every month. People will automatically think that the person who is owning the house has more money than the person who is renting, even though that is not always true, the average person will think that.

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