Good Ethics Good Business

Good Ethics Good Business

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By Alicen Keane

Research Paper
April 24, 2009
Ethics are critical not only in business but in all aspects of life for it is the foundation in which our society is built. Ethics are a code of conduct that instructs individuals how to interact with one another. Business Ethics follows the same idea but is concerned with how individuals should handle ethical dilemmas or moral problems that arise in the workplace. Leaders of today have more responsibilities than just completing a task in an efficient and financially conservative manner; they must also deal with ethical issues in their local demographics as well as on a global level. A society or even a small business that lacks ethical principles will fail. It is important for managers to keep in mind that leading by example as well as being an effective leader is the first step in developing a culture of ethical behavior. An effective leadership consists of a close connection between the leader and the desired followers. This relationship will determine the success of the leader’s mission, ethical success as well as the longevity of the company. However, this leader-follower relationship cannot be created without influence, respect, or empowerment.

I feel it is imperative that a leader must be able to influence his or her followers and subordinates while keeping in mind the big picture and the goal of creating an ethical environment. Without a strong influential leader providing the ethical guidelines and criteria, the company may not be able to reach ethical decisions in a timely manner with morally acceptable resolutions. Before any individual, regardless of job title or pay scale can be considered a leader they must act in a certain way that influences people to have a desire to follow them. “If you don’t have influence, you will never be able to lead others” (Maxwell, 11).

In history when you think of influential people many think of Mother Teresa and...

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