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Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
Behavioral Model

Aberrant Behavior Detection

Man has two major drives

Constructive Drive (A)

Psychological Energy (C)
Destructive Drive (B)

The three energy streams shown in this box are contained in the ID

Drives are basic, primitive sources of energy. They are controlled by the equivalent of valves at (A), at (B), and at (C).

The twin drives have other names. Sometimes they may be labeled as any of the following:

Drive A Drive B

Love Hate

Eros Thanatos

Sex Aggression

What happens if shut down (A), or (B), or (C)?

If you shut down the C valve, the person becomes inert. The individual might go and hide in a corner and try to make his body as small as possible by bending his head between his legs and folding in his arms—the fetal position. He or she wants to become totally invisible.

If you shut down the A valve, the person’s aggressive, or “hate” impulses take over. This is what you want on the football field or in war! Kill the enemy. Hate the enemy.

If you shut down the B valve, the person no longer competes; he or she becomes a lover of everyone. It’s like the flower children of the 1960s in San Francisco who promoted free love for everyone. No responsibility for anything beyond love.

The drives are contained in the part of the personality called the ID

Properties of the ID
1. Includes:
The two drives (constructive and destructive) plus the third drive which is the one called the psychological energy.
2. Memories—absorbs them and records them like a tape recorder.
3. Experiences a person cannot recall. In other words, experiences a person has forgotten or never understood when experiencing them in the first place. Freud says that under proper treatment, any past experience whether remembered or not can be brought out of the person’s mind. Freud says he can do this with forgotten...

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