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Seminar 11


1 What sciences deal with extra-linguistic factors determining functioning and usage of language?
2 What are the aims of linguo-stylistics?
Stylistics is a linguistic discipline which studies nominative and communicative language units and the principles according to which the units of all language levels are selected for achieving a certain pragmatic aim in different communicative situations. (Morokhovsky).
Stylistics is the study of style, which can be defined as the analysis of distinctive expressions in language and the description of its purpose and effect (Peter Verdonk).
The subject-matter of stylistics can be outlined as the study of the nature, functions and structure of stylistic devices, on the one hand, and, on the other, the study of each style of language as classified, its aim, its structure, its characteristic features and the effect it produces, as well as its interrelation with other styles of language. 

The aim of linguo-stylistics is study of language behaviour in relation to factors of conventional appropriateness, emotiveness and expressiveness.

3 What does stylistics study?
См 2 вопрос

4 What is a functional style?

5 What determines the choice of stylistically marked words in each particular situation?

6 What is understood by the basic vocabulary?

The basic vocabulary is the central group of the vocabulary, its historical foundation and living core. That is why words of this stratum show a considerably greater stability in comparison with words of the other strata, especially informal.
Basic vocabulary words can be recognized not only by their stylistic neutrality but, also, by entire lack of other connotations (i.e. attendant meanings). Their meanings are broad, general and directly convey the concept, without supplying any additional information.
For instance, the verb to walk means merely "to move from place to place on foot"...

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