Got None

Got None

Writing Assignment:

1) Young people are mostly not knowledgeable about political affairs.

1)Not all young people are immature. Everyone is smart in their own way and need their own benefits as Canadian citizens.

2) Young people are likely to vote frivolously.

2) Some young people leave high school to work. They are legally freed from parental authority or in business and are treated on equal footing with adults (have jobs and pay taxes). They develop electoral maturity which allows them to asses a government and with all of these hardships they should be able to vote for their benefits too.

3) Kids would mostly vote on the basis of the personality of the candidate than the policies that the candidate stands for.
3) Young Canadians are our future leaders, they have a great influence on Canada's future. If they start voting they could learn at an early age about politics and develop more maturity.

4) Parents could take an advantage from this and may influence/force their children to vote according to their preferences.
4) Times are changing. Many young people are interested in changing our society and address their own needs because Canada is a democratic society, we are all equal and deserve equal rights and freedoms as citizens.

5) Most young people are not capable of making an informed judgement on the past performance of a government or candidate (electoral maturity). Most of the teens do not look really mature.
5) If a mentally disabled person is allowed to vote then so should teens below the age of 18. It is common sense that the teen would have more knowledge.
Should Canadians under 18 be eligible to vote?

Should Canadians under 18 be eligible to vote?

In my opinion Students below the age of 18 should be allowed to vote because not all teens are immature. Times are changing and so are we as a society. Some teen's maturity level are beyond most adult...

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