Government Intervention

Government Intervention

To what extent should governments provide for those who are unable to provide for themselves

The government has a lot of responsibilities, they have the task to make laws, and to enforce them. The government also has the right to make sure every citizen is safe in ones society. Although the government has a lot to take care of, with the American economy being in recession, they should try and work to ensure that Canadians have a better quality of life and standard of living than some citizens currently have. Even with the economy the way it is and the high rate of unemployment, the government should help out those people who cant help themselves. For example, people with physical and mental disabilities , Old age security for people who are above the age of sixty five, as well as for humanitarian reasons for people who are homeless and unemployed.

Unfortunately, some disabilities, whether they are mental or physical prevent people from getting jobs, and if they don’t have a proper job it is hard to help support their families. That’s where I feel the Governments should step up to the plate and help them with training and financial support, so that they can contribute to society. Although some people may disagree, the economic analysis of people with disabilities with respect to their labour market situation has been receiving little attention in Canada. Therefore the government should try to do everything in their power to create an equal opportunity to help people who are handicapped reach their goal, and live a happy healthy life.

Old age security is a universal plan for all Canadians over 65. The amount of money that seniors receive from the government does not seem to be enough to help cover their monthly bills. That is why a lot of seniors have to work part time or full time jobs and work well beyond the age of 65 to help supplement the income that they receive from their Old age pension.

In Canada after 1973 inflation became a serious...

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