Greek Heroes: Odysseus

Greek Heroes: Odysseus

Odysseus is a great hero. He is very intelligent man; he knows what to do in a situation that involves many things. He is also very strong hearted. Odysseus is a caring man; his shipmates or crew is his momentum. He fights or battles with a lot of pride. His shipmates and him will sacrifice there lives just for a victory or fight like it is there last life. The great thing about him is that he has great leadership. He is also trustworthy and he trusts anyone that is kind to him. There is more things to know about him. It is very interesting on how brave, courage’s, intelligent, caring, trustworthy, strong hearted, and many more. There is many things to learn from him. That is why Odysseus is a great hero.

Odysseus is a brave and courage’s man. He isn’t scared of anything; he will never back down from a battle or fight. He had the courage and braveness to fight or battle the Cyclops. Odysseus was also stuck in a cave when he was battling the Cyclops. He got his courage n braveness from some of his shipmates that have been killed or eaten by the Cyclops. The Cyclops was pretty shocked or stunned that Odysseus was brave enough to fight or battle the Cyclops and that he also was courage’s. He has blinded the Cyclops.

One of the first obstacles Odysseus conquers is his defeat of the Cyclops. Odysseus gets the Cyclops drunk and allows him to fall into slumber. He then blinds the Cyclops with a red-hot spear, knowing intelligently enough that if he kills the Cyclops they will be trapped forever. While the Cyclops was searching for help the Cyclops or giant has opened the cave setting Odysseus and his shipmates to escape safely. Earlier Odysseus told the Cyclops that his name was “No-Body.” When the giant or Cyclops was looking for his brothers the giant or Cyclops proclaims that “nobody had blinded him.” So by showing Odysseus intelligence he has freed his shipmates or crew and himself.

There are many instances throughout the epic where...

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