Green Mountain

Green Mountain

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Barbara Bardell
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Case Study

The state of Vermont is not really known for anything famous besides skiing and that they are one of the six New England states. In the town of Waitsfield is where Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) was born. The coffee was first served here in a small café then expanding to neighboring business and homes eventually making it to places such as grocery stores via their wholesale business to places throughout the eastern part of the United States. But no one should worry if they move to the west coast because GMCR is available for direct mail orders via their website at

There is much pride in the product that is produced to the extent that not only does GMCR produce an amazing tasting and multi flavored blend of coffee beans but they also sell specific style machines to brew their coffee. This company believes that using a machine that they sell called the Keurig is the best way to enjoy their coffee in fact their slogan “Fresh-brewed at the touch of a button” should say it all. Who does not want a fresh cup of coffee every time and better yet their product is perfect for homes in which there is only one coffee drinker or several coffee drinkers who have different tastes.

GMCR is a company that gives back to their community as well as other coffee producing countries. They are committed to improving the quality of life, the environment and have also jumped on the organic ban-wagon as well. GMCR also aligned themselves with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. These goals include ending poverty/hunger, gender equality, universal education, combat HIV/AID, Statistics, Child Health, Maternal Health, Global Partnership and Environmental Sustainability.

It’s unfortunate that GMCR was not able to adapt to the trends in the nineties when stores like Starbucks started popping up on every corner in cities and every town in the suburbs. One of these...

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