Green Roofs

Green Roofs

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Green Roofs - Critical Essay

Green Roofs
Green roofs are roofs that are completely or partially covered with vegetation and soil. Green roofs are also called eco-roofs. The author provides information on the benefits of having a green roof. According to the article green roofs can provide several environmental benefits. These benefits include the following: effective insulators, filter system, acts as a wildlife habitat, and can be used to grow vegetables and fruit crops and provide refuge for people living or working in the building. The author also provides information on how to install green roofs and how to add green roofs to existing buildings (Raven, Berg, & Hassenzahl, 2008).
The plants and soil are effective insulators on green roofs, reducing heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer. The rooftop mini-ecosystem filters pollutants out of rainwater and reduces the amount of storm water draining into sewers. Green roofs can also provide wildlife, habitat, even on the tops of tall buildings. Green roofs provide stepping stones of habitat that enable migrating birds and insects to pass unharmed through the city. Green roofs can be used to grow vegetable and fruit crops (Raven, Berg, & Hassenzahl, 2008).
Even though our team agrees with the facts stated in the environews article “Green Roofs” research confirmed the facts stated in the article. Green roofs have many positive aspects or benefits as presented in the article, but green roofs also have negative aspects. Based on our research following are additional benefits and issues to having green roofs.

Green roofs, eco-roofs, nature roofs, or roof greening systems are living, vegetative roofing alternatives designed in stark contrast to the many standard non-porous roof choices.  Their greatest potential lies in this capacity to cover impervious surfaces with permeable plant material. Green roofs help...

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