Exams and Assessment:
There will be one midterm and one final exam. All exams will be open book and open notes. There will be no make-up exams unless pre-arrangement is made with the instructor.

Corresponding to the course materials, we will have several labs this semester. I will distribute lab instruction and lab report for you to fill in. You don’t need to buy any lab manual from the bookstore.

In-class Exercises:
During the lab session, besides doing labs, we will do exercises. Students are asked to work on problems based on the materials you have learned that week. Students will be asked to show their work and the instructor may give problem-solving strategy.

Additional Help:
1. You can visit the instructor during office hours or during a time that works well for you by making an appointment.
2. If you can find a tutor, he/she can review problems with you.
3. Study group are welcome, as long as helpful discussion is developed.

Flagler College Core Competences:

Physics 1111k address the following core competences which are measured by the method listed below the competences:

1st core competency: Reading
Measured by : General Students success in class

2nd core competency: Mathematics
Measured by : Performance on quizzes, exams and homework which require the use of Algebra
3rd core competency: Critical thinking and scientific reasoning skill
Measured by : Performance on quizzes, exams, lab and homework which require analysis and reasoning.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes:
A. Students demonstrate their understanding of basic physics concepts on Mechanics, Waves and Thermodynamics.
B. Students express critical thinking skills through class discussions and exercises about fundamental physics issues.
C. Students improve their scientific reasoning skills through physics experiments.
D. Students will be able to solve two-variable linear equation, quadratic equation and exponential equation....

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