Gun Control - Nra Claime on Law Implementation

Gun Control - Nra Claime on Law Implementation

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Gun Control
Joel Suarez
Axia College of University of Phoenix

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Even though the NRA claims that stricter laws should not apply to all guns, why have laws on gun control if the laws do not apply to everyone because people who sell guns at a gun show or out of their homes do not have to follow the rules.

Controlling the sales of guns is no easy task. A person going into business selling guns will have to follow laws that banned certain firearms by name (Smith 61). Although the public thinks that all licensed firearms dealers who buy and sell guns as a business are required to conduct background checks on prospective buyers (Mc Clatch 2009). Conducting the background checks are not happening. The loophole to these laws refers to the fact that individuals selling guns from their own private collection do not have to run a background check, either within gun show venues, or in the parking lot, or in their own home (Mc Clatch 2009). If laws are not working why not issue a requirement that will force to issue a title for every gun sold? This way a gun can be better traced.

The problem is that guns can be sold without having to do a background check and these guns are going on the market, and we are having people and even kids buying guns. Gun control has been here since the beginning of firearms, it did not become an issue of significant national controversy until recent times. Many people who grew up in a hunting culture, for instance, or people who spent time in the military, resolutely hang onto the right of individuals to own gun(s). People who have had an unpleasant experience involving gun crime or violence are adamant that guns must be controlled much more strongly than they are today, or even banned altogether.

For many years, the federal government has made relatively few laws restricting gun
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possession and use. National Firearms Act, 1934. Congress passed this law and established the...

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