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Legal Issues in Recreation Administration

Article title Baugh V. Redmond

READ: In the case of Baugh V. Redmond the plaintiff Jimmie Baugh alleged that the defendant Maurice Redmond struck him in the face after there was an altercation between the plaintiff and the defendant over a call made in a softball game. The plaintiff denies any involvement in provoking the altercation. The plaintiff stated that after the game he was exiting the field and as he walked through the dugout towards the exit he was confronted and attacked by the defendant. The defendant claims that he was provoked by the plaintiff and that’s what made him throw the punch. The defendant stated that as the plaintiff walked through the dugout he bumped him with his shoulder. The bump led to an verbal altercation and a gesture made by the plaintiff provoked him to throw the punch. The defendant also stated that he didn’t mean to cause injury to the plaintiff, he was only trying to create a little space between them because he felt threatened. The plaintiff suffered injuries to his mouth which he had to have surgery for and a broken pair of eyeglasses that had to be replaced.

RESPOND: In the case of Baugh V. Redmond I have been led to believe that the plaintiff was right in this case with the information that was provided to support his claim. The record shows that when the defendant began his attempts to confront the plaintiff following the conclusion of the game, the plaintiff attempted to avoid such a confrontation by walking ahead of the defendant. There was no evidence that the plaintiff acted verbally or physically to escalate the situation but rather was attempting to avoid any type of confrontation when struck unexpectedly by the defendant. With these factors present I agree with the ruling of the case cause the were no evidence to prove comparative negligence. I do believe justice was served.

APPLY: The information in this case has some very important facts when...

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