Happy Country India

Happy Country India

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Saboo Sodium Chloro Ltd. is an FMCG company with a specialization in salt. Saboo Sodium ranks among the top players in the markets of Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, Jarkhand and West Bengal. With the expansion project at Gandhi Dham at Gujrat now it is proposed to enter in the untapped area of Gujarat, Maharashtra, M.P. and other states). Saboo Sodium is the second largest manufacture of refined salt in India after Tata Salt. The company's institutional clients include brand names likes Britannia, Agro Tech Foods, Glaxo Smith Kilne, Surya Foods Agro Limited, etc., any now many more going to be add after starting of new refinery in Gujrat. The company promoted its products in the electronic and print media by investing huge amounts in branding and advertisement and its effect has already been seen with the major jump in the first quarter sales of 2008-09 and now company is flooded with the new enquries. The company exported salts to Kuwait, Bangladesh, Dubai, UAE, Mauritius, China and African countries to cater to the rising demand of the product in the oil drilling, textile and dyeing industries. The company adopts the latest manufacturing technology based on the continuous counter current hydro extraction process with pure brine that helped remove impurities and procure dissolved salts though displacement crystallization. The Company intends to invest considerably in the modernization and expansion as well as the commissioning of new dyers and the establishing a new manufacturing base by installing a new salt refinery at Gandhi Dham in Gujrat. The company's manufacturing plant was recognized as zero pollution, receiving a certificate from the Rajasthan State pollution Control Department for environment -friendly practices. It was also recognized by Salt Commissioner of the Government of India and the WHO for meeting stringent standards.

PRESENT PROPOSAL: Saboo Sodium proposes to set...

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