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Health Articale

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Report Says X-Ray Spots Colon Cancer

By The Associated Press

This article written by The Associated Press is directed at people 50 and older, and those people with a history of colon cancer in their family. It also is directed to people who can’t afford or don’t like the idea of a regular colonoscopy.

The x-ray alternative is less costly and easier to do. However, it worked better at ruling out cancer than it did at finding cancer. So this x-ray test may just be a way of determining who should get a regular colonoscopy.

This information was printed September 18, 2008 and has also been in the news, both in print and on t.v. This new “virtual colonoscopy” is most likely to be done in the United States.

This article got my attention because my grandfather has had surgery for colon cancer. It is an issue to be concerned about because the early testing can save lives.

This won’t affect me personally until I’m older and needing the test. Each person should follow their doctor’s advice on when and what kind of colonoscopy they need.

Before reading this article I didn’t know there was any alternative test for colon cancer. I wanted to learn if there was an easier way to be tested without having a colonoscopy. I learned you can be tested by having an x-ray done, but you may still need to do the regular colonoscopy.

Critical Thinking Question : There really isen’t any type of results, it may or may not work for you. It all depends on the persons body, and whither they can afford the regular colonoscopy or not.

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