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wReview-Substance Abuse Unit
Mr. McGoun Fall 2013
Ricardo Norris

1) Explain the difference between chemical and psychological dependency.
A chemical dependce is when your body physically needs the substance or your body will not work properly. Psycholigical dependce is when your mind thinks you need to have the drug when you really don’t.

2) Explain how tolerance and withdrawal play a role in addiction.
When your tolerant with a substance, its your mind being extremely addicted to it where you have to take the substance all the time to feel okay. Withdrawal causes your body to become physically sick without having the substance.

3) List and explain the factors that influence blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

* Amount of alcohol consumed
* Speed of consumption
* Body weight
* % body fat
* Gender
* Feelings
* Amount of food eaten
* Presence of other drugs
* Age

4) We studied seven methods of marketing. Chart them below:
Method | How it works |
Sex Appeal and Glamour | The use of beautiful people to get you to use the product |
Having fun and sports | Advertisers want you to think that you would have more fun pr be better at sports if you use the product |
Snob appeal | Rich people use this brand even though it may cost more. |
Bandwagon | Everybody is using the productand you’ll be left out if you can’t use it too |
Testimonial | A famous person tells you the benefit of using a certain product |
Research | The ad claims that research shows this product to be effective |
Humor | Making fun of people or using funny animals to sell a product |

5) Explain what can happen to a developing fetus of a smoker:
Its body size can shrink if the person carrying the fetus smokes

6) What forms of tobacco did we learn about in class?
* Cigarettes
* Pipes
* Cigars
* Chew
* Snuff

7) What are some of the long-term negative effects of smoking?

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