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It has been about one month into the school year so far and many students are finding that it is moving relatively quick. As we all know there are many things that one has to do to prepare for the school year, for example, we buy books, new clothes and visit the doctor to receive vaccines. Getting your vaccines is mandatory for all students that means kindergarten students all the way to college students. This brings up the question, should school children be required to receive vaccines in order to attend school?
In order for a student to be able to go to school they have to get all there vaccines and shots. Some of the vaccines and shots students are to get are Polio, DTaP, MMR and Hepatitis B. Still today some parents do not get their children vaccinated and I believe it is a very poor decision. Disease Outbreaks Still Happen, however some vaccine-preventable diseases have become very rare thanks to vaccines. Even though many disease have become very rare, outbreaks still happen, in 2011 the number of reported cases of measles was higher than usual, 220 people had the disease. Travelers bring measles into the United States from countries where the disease still circulates, including many European countries. Measles can be serious, causing hospitalization and even death. Young children are at a very high risk for serious complications from measles. Measles can spread very easily in a school environment.
The reasons why it is necessary for school children to be required to receive vaccines in order to attend school are very apparent. With high risks of disease spreading in school settings, it is very clear to see that children of all ages should be vaccinated to keep themselves and others safe. As well, with the great increase in technology, it is very un-intelligent not to use it to our advantage to keep us healthy.


Louis Mele

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