Healthcare reform is the most important issue facing today’s American Society. With the recent inflations due to the mishaps to the economy, healthcare is essential to people who may not have any insurance at all. Samuel Flint delivered a two page report that points out some of the mechanism in the (ACA) Affordable Care Act. It is design to give power to the people in the issues of healthcare. The conflicts from the left side of the political spectrum sees health care as a public good (Flint).


Healthcare is a necessity for everyone, without the proper coverage many people will not be able to obtain sufficient healthcare. Specific rules and guidelines are being developed in America’s society that will aid people who are not able to afford or obtain healthcare. The writer states that


In Samuel Flint’s report he states that only the government can supply and distribute public goods, because the private market cannot be relied on to do so with the equity and efficiency required for critical services needed by everyone (Flint). There would be many problems if the private owners of healthcare had their way. Many people would die due to unfair acts such as the rich people or even the elite society would have cream of the crop service. Therefore the lawmakers should create policies that will make a healthcare owner promote fairness and equality in the existence of providing services to the American people. Using EBSCO host, I discovered that one issue in healthcare such as dementia and Alzheimer’s care may go untreated. There is an escalating issue effecting the elder society in American health care. Many cases of mental health issues for example are escalating and it gives the doctors and procedure makers in healthcare a look at two issues for the elderly. First we see the elderly society as a more vulnerable society. According to Human and Jürgen there will be a rise in the aging society with mental health issues. It raises a question of...

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