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1. Suppose that a woman named Harriet Miller comes before the judge in a pretrial hearing. She's charged with stealing thousands of dollars from her employer. She pleads guilty. What are Harriet's rights under the Sixth Amendment?
A. Harriet won't stand trial but will be sentenced by the judge. B. Harriet's case must go before a grand jury. C. Harriet is guaranteed to a speedy trial. D. Harriet doesn't have to be informed of the charge brought against her.

2. In 1786, Virginians called a convention in Annapolis to discuss problems with the
A. Bill of Rights. B. Declaration of Independence. C. Articles of Confederation. D. Constitution.

3. Although it seemed quite important in 1788, Amendment _______, barring the quartering of soldiers in private homes, is outdated today.

4. The process by which the Constitution was approved by the states is known as
A. levying. B. impeachment. C. ratification. D. vetoing.

5. The original purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was to
A. develop the principle of states' rights. B. elect the first president of the United States. C. revise the Articles of Confederation. D. solve the slavery issue.

6. The right to petition members of the government is contained in the _______ Amendment to the Constitution.
A. Fourth B. Third C. Second D. First

7. What Supreme Court case established the principle of judicial review?
A. Marbury v. Madison B. Plessy v. Ferguson C. Brown v. Board of...

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