HIS 105
Week 3 Assignment 1.1

Assignment 1.1: Industrialization after the Civil War Thesis and Outline


One of the largest notable advancements of our past is the Industrial Revolution. The industrial Revolution can be defined as one of the most significant events that led to advances in technology including the process of how goods were produced. Industrialization after the Civil War affected the United States in several ways including how businesses performed, increased transportation abilities, and it caused an economic and social revolution.

I. Three Major Aspects Of Industrialization between 1865 and 1920

A. Society - Large amounts of rural to urban migration occurred due employment because of the creation of organizations and companies.

B. Economy - Many individuals were employed in the many different respective job fields while earning income and making it feasible for the pay back of taxes ultimately resulting in higher revenue for the government.

C. Politics - State and federal government gave large portions of land, government tenders and contracts to their families, close friends, and supporters in return to political favors, ultimately given them political reign throughout that time.

II. Five Specific Groups Affected by Industrialization

A. Middle and Lower Class

1. The growth of the middle class had expanded, and professional employment had increased

2. Union labor groups defend workers because employers just viewed workers as cost of production then regular individuals.

B. African Americans

1. The African Americans did not benefit from any of the changes after the Civil War, which lead to segregation that lasted until the 1960’s and beyond.
2. Southerner’s did not increase the wages for the African American population, which could have expand the markets and the growth of the south
C. Women’s Rights

1. The Progressive Reform groups were mostly of the...

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