How Many Kinds of Cone Crusher Can Be Divided Into

How Many Kinds of Cone Crusher Can Be Divided Into

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Cone crusher is suitable for metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemical and silicate industry in the crushing of raw material, can crushing medium and medium hardness above all kinds of ores and rocks. Cone crusher broken than large, high efficiency, low energy consumption, product granularity and is suitable for the broken and finely various kinds of ores and rocks. So you can see that the role of the cone crusher is necessary. But do you know how many types of cone crusher are there?

With the continuous development of mining technology, and cone crusher is divided into several kinds. The detailed information is in the following:

1, according to the categories include spring cone crusher and cone rolling mortar type composite cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, and four major categories;

2, according to the model is divided into ordinary PY cone crusher, composite symons cone crusher, cone crusher, standard single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, and many other models.

What's more, the cone crusher has its own unique features. They are in the following:

1. High performance: by cavity type optimization design and the reasonable speed combined with a stroke, so that the aircraft under the condition of the same cone diameter work most.Therefore, compared with the same type of spring cone crusher, with higher performance and production capacity.

2. Stability: when there is iron and other things not broken into the machine, iron protection device will automatically be released, then automatic reset.Iron protection has a fixed discharging mouth return point, miscellaneous iron after crushing cavity, can quickly restore original discharging mouth.

3. High reliability: the large diameter spindle, ChongXingHua main frame, and independent of thin oil lubrication system of automatic control system, ensure the equipment durable,

4. Reliable operation: if the spring cone...

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