How Much She Means to Me

How Much She Means to Me

I love my girlfriend so much that I could not help but post a bulletin letting everyone know how much she means to me. She seriously is the only thing I can think about all day, everyday without her feels like a year, I can not wait to see her again, there is not one thing I would change about her since she is already perfect in every way possible. She is the most beautiful person in the world to me, without her I seriously would be lost. She makes me smile just by seeing her smile and making her smile, she has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever fell into. I can not wait to see her again, one more month of not seeing each other baby girl and then we finally can, I seriously can not wait... You are my world.. Just thought you should know and everyone should know... Because either way, the world is going to find out sooner or later since I am never going anywhere except for with you..

Corri A.
Uchaker, I really do love you a lot and can not wait to spend the rest of my life with you, you are my shooting star, my angel, my baby girl, my world and my everything.
Thank you for being the amazing person that you are and I can never be able to show you just how happy I actually am that you fell in love with me.

I Love you Corri and I miss you SO much.

Love you always,


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