How to Install Rod Mill Liners?

How to Install Rod Mill Liners?

When with a soft ball and materials including powder, or raw water is too large, or a “bag” (due to the uneven into a ball when feeding, water supply), the ignition when the ball is prone to cracking, increase the material layer resistance, poor ventilation, fire is not easy to burn down, lead to lower material ball fosted by self, even out of the ball. Raw meal ball ball diameter is too large, can make the ceramsite centre owes to burn. And strictly control the quality of raw meal ball is an important part of the ceramsite calcined. The rod mill should install on steady concrete groundwork. The foundation designed and the construction looks at hongxing drawing and foundation drawing. In order to make change of location accurate assembly small in use, the foundation of Rod mill adopts full piece structure. If the compression resistance of concentrate foundation is more than 75%, the rod mill can be installed.

Before hoisting, every part of rod mill should be examined. If found questions: it should be dealt at once.

(1) Before installing liners, the inside tube should be cleaned. And then examine the liners to make surface and around flat. The holes of screw should keep clean and make the bolt can be input freely and reach installing requirement.

(2) When installing the liners, should scrawl the 1:2 concentric mortars between inside tube and liners. And make screw of liners tighten when it is wet. The clearance between liners should make be even by the mortar.

(3) Tighten the liner bolt, should carefully make the airproof mat good to prevent material leaking.

(4) The liners of tube can not have ring clearance.

(5) When strength of concentric mortar is proper, feed the mine to test drive. If screw is loosen should be screwed tighten in time.

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