How to Play Beer Pong

How to Play Beer Pong

Beer Pong is the masterpiece of drinking games. Gather a few friends and join the fun every drinker is babbling about. This will explain everything an individual needs to know about the game of beer pong. Beer pong requires no strength or skill, but demands the prowess of a drunken college student mind. Many believe in the game of beer pong that there exists rigorous competition. The real object of the game does not require winning. It requires having fun and getting drunk.

The materials for the game do not cost much money and can be found easily. These include twenty-six cups, ping-pong balls, and a table. Beer pong cups should be sixteen ounces and are found at every grocery store. Any sporting goods store carries ping-pong balls. Pieces of plywood on some cinder blocks work for a good table. Picnic tables usually make great beer pong tables. Lastly, beer pong requires massive amounts of beer. Usually this beer costs very little money and tastes like garbage. Busch Light and Milwaukee's Best fall in that category.

Setting up for beer pong is relatively easy. The first order of business is to find four people to play. There will be two teams. Next you set up the cups. Fill ten cups about 1/4 full with beer (or about 4 ounces). Use the "ribs" on the cup to make sure all cups are evenly filled. Once the cups have been filled, they should be arranged in a triangle shape or bowling alley style. You may also want to fill two cups with clean, warm water and put them to the side. The cups with water are for when the ball hits the floor and gets dirty. This is optimal.

Now beer pong is ready to start. Usually, a coin is flipped to determine who goes first. The winner of the coin toss can decide if he/she wants to go first or second. The team that goes first only shoots one ball (doesn't matter which teammate shoots) and attempts to get the ball in one of the opposing teams cup. From there on, each team gets two shots per turn (one shot per teammate). If...

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