Huckabee vs Mlk

Huckabee vs Mlk

Good evening everybody, as it is seen today in our public schools, religion and prayer is not practiced. Is our government really doing everything in its power to be equal to all religious groups in our nation? Today we have a special guest on our show who will give us his opinion on whether schools should or should not have religion. Ladies and Gentleman, Dr. Martin Luther King.
(shake hands with mlk)
It has come to my attention that students and teachers are denied prayer in school; however I see a simple solution to offer those who wish to pray and not force those without a religion to pray.

Yes that sounds like a wonderful idea Mr. Huckabee, however I disagree with you because there are countless religions in our nation, and our society would simply not allow this because of our constitution and its amendments.
( I believe this will cause criticism in our school, because there are …)

Huckabee: Dr. King, you’re not understanding the point, the constitution is real simple, the government is prohibited, the people are not prohibited, all the Bill of Rights restrict government not citizens, and the government cannot prefer religion or deny religion, that’s it, that’s what it says.

MLK: I am aware of the constitution and what it says Mr. Huckabee, but allowing one or two religions to be practiced in school will not be fair to other religions. Your solution will go against the very belief the constitution tried to set forth. Your solution will not give equal opportunity to all religions because one school cannot support all religions.

Huckabee: But don’t you think giving the opportunity for one or few religions to practice their beliefs is better than no religion?

MLK: What I think is that students and adults can practice their religion outside of disciplinary institutions because government cannot prefer or deny religion like you mentioned previously, meaning even if they wanted to, legally they are not permitted to...

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