Huffman Trucking Business Plan

Huffman Trucking Business Plan

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TQM is a strategic objective for all the organizations in today's competitive business world, be it Huffman Trucking that plans to foray into international markets or any other organization. This is because the ultimate aim for any organization such as Huffman is to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction and such objective is hard to achieve without a comprehensive Total Quality Management program.

TQM has to be embedded in all the programs of Huffman to achieve its intended goals and thus, becomes an integral element of the strategic plan. From strategic point of view, TQM is extremely essential to enhance the corporate image, quality of operations and customer service and thus, overall positioning of the firm in the marketplace.

TQM is a strategic level objective for Huffman's future development because it has an effective strategy that aims to enhance value to customers by designing and continually improving organizational processes and restructuring. Currently Huffman is a growing company, so TQM would be a strategic level objective to be implemented. The major emphasis here is on continuous improvement and empowerment. TQM relies on fact-based decision- making when development ventures such as this one are in process

The Impact of Globalization on the organizations TQM position:

For a large company like Huffman Trucking, globalization means foray into international markets or business territories. The impact of such globalization of operations on the Huffaman's TQM position will be quite extensive and deep in the sense that it will require Huffman to completely reorganize its operations, processes and systems to accomodate the global plans. In other words, the completely will need to transform itself from a domestic organization to a multinational corporations. Such a major change will obviously make the processes and systems more complex and will enhance the scale of operations. All these factors, therefore, means that the organization will...

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