Human Capital Concept

Human Capital Concept

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Human Capital Concept Worksheet

University of Phoenix

Human Capital Concepts Worksheet
|Concept |Application of Concept in the Scenario |Reference to Concept in Reading |
| |InterClean currently has a sales force that does a great job of |Skill inventories list several |
|Training and Development |demonstrating and selling product. As they restructure and move to |employee variables including |
| |solutions-based selling a new training strategy will need to be developed. |education level and type, past work |
| |InterClean has acquired EnviroTech, a major competitor with service |experience, performance appraisal |
| |expertise. This strategic move will increase their market share in the |data, career objectives and |
| |sanitation industry. A skills inventory has been completed on both sales |proficiency levels to identify future|
| |teams in preparation for InterClean’s launch of solutions-based selling. The |training and developmental needs. |
| |challenge will be merging the divergent sales skill sets of the two companies|(Dreher & Dougherty, 2002, pp 60-61).|
| |to develop a multi-dimensional sales force that embraces the organizations | |
| |new strategic direction. | |
| |InterClean is moving from an operations company to a customer-oriented |Operations companies focus on a |
|Business Strategy |organization with a new service focus. To make the company an industry |consistent application of procedures.|

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