Human Capital Worksheet

Human Capital Worksheet

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Human Capital Concepts Worksheet
Human Capital Development

Workshop 1
Human Capital Concepts Worksheet.
Human Capital Concepts Worksheet.
Application of Concept in the Simulation
Reference to Concept in Reading
Organizational Capability

A detailed study of the skill inventory for Interclean shows that its employees though have the capability to present with selling products but with the changed circumstances and proposed organizational change towards concept selling, its difficult to go foreword with the existing skill set and this team should be requiring new capabilities that will make them value added and successful in the changed organizational situation.

As many organizational scholars now point out, it is organizational capability
(because of the multiple factors that must come together in an integrated
way), not financial capability or technological sophistication, that is
most difficult for competitors to replicate(Dreher and Dougherty, understanding Behavior of Organizations Pg 5)
Motivating Change

InterClean managemenment should frame clear guidelines and communicate with its employees of the change and the direction the company is looking forward to as part of its business strategy to be able to sustain its presence in the market.Mangement should be the change agent for the change and should act before it can show of the implantations on to the team members.Employess should be made part of the change so they can feel involved and work with much enthusiasm .Management should also give clear guidelines on the direction and implementation methods so employees feel that there is a new set of clear process defined and they should be stick to the new rules as part of the changed organization.
People must come to believe that change is necessary and must commit to
abandoning the status quo for an uncertain future. Changing HRM practices
represents a large challenge because many current organization members...

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