Human Capital Concepts

Human Capital Concepts

Human Capital Concept Worksheet

Human Capital Concepts Worksheet
Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario Reference to Concept in Reading
Performance measurement system attributes

Interclean is in a transitional stage going to a total consumer package. For Interclean to accomplish the goals that it has a performance measurement of its employees must be taken into consideration. This type of measurement will help the organization set the performance goals and what training is necessary for each employee. It will also help HR to determine what employees will not be able to make the changes that they will need to make.
As an executive manager at the casino I had to use this type of system during a transition that the casino went through. I had to base terminations on a certain level of skill sets that each member of the department needed in order to make the transition with the team. If the appropriate level of training and knowledge had not been obtained I was unable to keep them. Performance measurement systems help organizations to make better decisions based on fact and not perceptions.(Valiris, C hytas & Glykas, 2005)

Training and development

Interclean also has a need for training and developing long term employees, acquisitions and also new hires. The level of training that each person receives will depend on the level of the skills of each individual and also what the organization would like to put into it. Interclean has a limited budget and also a limited time frame for this transition. This will also determine at what level the training will be. In order to develop long term loyalty with the customer an organization must train the employees which will strengthen retention rates.(Cordray, 2005)
Attributes of staffing systems

Interclean is experiencing a difficult time. Having the correct employees in place to do the job that is needed is essential for the transition...

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