hydraulic oil press

hydraulic oil press

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Mainly technical parameters:

Oil material

Oil press rate (%)

Thickness of the material slag

Residual oil ratio














Sunflower seeds




Soy bean




1. Before press oil seeds, please adjust the temperature and speed.

2. About the speed, it is arrive 100 celsius degree.

3. Put the oil seeds into the feeder, then begin the pressing.

4. Oil will come out from the squeezing bolt.

5. Flow into the filter.

6. Us the filter to filter simply crude oil.

7. Then into the storage tank.

Mainly include three parts:

1. main engine 2. hydraulic system 3.electrical system

1) Main Engine

Main engine includes base, upright, top plate, oil drip pan nut and so on , it is one of the main parts. Firstly

the oil material is put into the assembly of the press boring, then it being droved up by the oil cylinder piston,

oil will outflow from the gap of press boring, and then pass the oil drip pan to the drum for oil storage.

2) Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system is the main power force of this machine, it includes transmission shaft, turbine, worm gear, gear pump,

high pressure pump, overflow valve; super high pressure safety valve; hand

operated valve; seamless steel tube; pipeline connect and other spare parts. This machine adopts the advanced power pack

of the world, and compared with two plunger pump, it is faster, higher pressure and can resist higher temperature, it

can continue working when the oil temperature is above 65 without cooling unit.

3) Electronic System

Electronic system is the most advanced part of this machine, it is fully automatic, easy to operate, and there’s no special

request to the operator, so this machine is particularly suitable for peasant.

This machine is composed of motor, volt meter, pressure...

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