Identity: Defines a Person

Identity: Defines a Person

Identity is what defines a person on who they are and what they are all about. Commonly identity is only labeled as male or female. Your personality and physical characteristic are just a couple of things that shape your identity. In certain situations, a person feels that he or she does not completely belong to a certain identity, i.e.: male or female. They usually feel either half and half or just completely the opposite of their appearance; this creates diversity and affects our economy. In the article I found, it explains how transgender usually become drag queens to feel out their gender identity. This affects our economy, and in the following paragraphs I will further elaborate.

A service is anything that provides a customer with something; in this case, the drag queen business is providing entertainment. By opening up a club of drag queen performances, it creates a service for people to come on in and enjoy the show. Not only that, but since people are working to become drag queens, some go to alter their bodies, using services of plastic surgeons.

In opening up the drag queen entertainment club, jobs are created. All the people in the club working are benefited because they are employed and being payed. In the article, Ross Wallace has been working in the drag queen clubs for the past eight years. Thus, showing that transgender brings about an increase of labor.

Since people wanted some sort of entertainment, the drag queen club was opened up. If there is a demand of a supply then it will be delivered. In this case, people wanted to see drag queens for entertainment, and they got it. Obviously they been demanding it, because Ross Wallace a female impersonator has been working on that for years.

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