Igcse Biology Writeup - Bacteria Experiment

Igcse Biology Writeup - Bacteria Experiment

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⇨What are you trying to investigate?
I am trying to investigate how water affects the growth of bacteria.

Prediction & Hypothesis
⇨What do you think the result will be?
⇨Explain why you think this?
⇨Use scientific ideas and words.
⇨Include chemical formulae, diagrams and sketch graphs if you can.
I think the bread with 8 ml of water will have more bacteria growing on it. I believe that bacteria could not grow well, or not at all, without water. Therefore I predict that both of the dry petri dishes will have very little bacteria growing inside them. I think that the more water in the bread, the more bacteria growing. Hence, the 8ml Petri dish would have more bacteria than the 4ml Petri dish. I also think that the open dry petri dish will have more bacteria than the closed dry Petri dish, as it is exposed to more bacteria.

⇨List the things you will use.
⇨Specify size and type of apparatus if you need to.
1.) One slice of bread
2.) One large beaker
3.) One petri dish
4.) A piece of sticky tape

⇨Suggest two safety precautions.
1.) Do not completely seal up the Petri dish with sticky tape, as anaerobic bacteria can grow in without oxygen, and cause gangrene.
2.) Don’t eat the bread, because it was exposed to bacteria already

⇨What you will measure, how and in what units?
⇨Think carefully about everything you will measure.
I will measure the amount of water, with a beaker, in milliliters

⇨Give step by step instructions of what you did.
⇨Write enough detail to allow someone else to repeat your experiment exactly.
⇨Make sure that you have repeated everything at least three times.
1.) Lay the bread on the table
2.) Press the petri dish onto the bread, and twist it around
3.) Take the extra parts of bread around the petri dish off.
4.) Press the bread further inside the petri dish, by pressing it in with the bottom of a large beaker
5.) Place the lid on the Petri dish

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