Improve Meetings

Improve Meetings

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Ways to Improve a Business Meeting

The meetings should be as efficient as possible to save employees time and energy and none the less companies cost. One of the impediments for a successful meeting is people’s inability to value time properly. Not always time is money, a mentioned in the article, money you might be able to make it again later on from a successful business transaction but wasted time in a badly run meeting we’ll never be able to make it up. Some good improvements for the meetings are: assign meetings goals, make sure the meeting is necessary, assign a note taker, carve-out micro meetings, discourage politics, use agenda.

As we know the most important issue with meetings is our valuable time. If a meeting ends up unsuccessful then our time is really wasted. Some people might falsely believe they would be able to make up that wasted time by working late or in weekends but in reality they are doing more harm to themselves by stealing that time from their personal time and families and disturbing their work-life balance. Some of my suggestions for an improved meeting would be: ask a volunteer or designate a person to be timekeeper for the meeting avoiding in this way the overrun meetings and at the same time rest of the people could stay focused on the meeting’s topic, establish some ground rules where discipline is present and people take turns talking, rotate the chair person at each meeting to gain members more involved and at the end ask everyone for ideas to improve the future meetings.

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