Meeting Letter

Meeting Letter

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January 11, 2002
Attention: The member of the Isuzu Co-operation Club

Dear Sir,


The committee of Isuzu Co-operation Club has pleasure to invite you to attend the Information

Exchange Meeting with objective to explain new information of Isuzu business group to ICC’s

member for applying your work to match with Isuzu business.

For this year, The meeting is held at Suanluang Ballroom, Novotel Bangna Hotel , Time 13.30-16.00.

There are 6 sessions as the following date:

1st February 28, 2002
2nd April 30, 2002
3rd June 25, 2002
4th August 20, 2002
5th October 22, 2002
6th December 24, 2002

The attendants are supposed to be the person whom can utilize the information to your business.

This meeting will be presented in Thai language and limit 1 person for a company. We are strongly

recommend you to attend every sessions of the meeting. Please confirm your attendance to IMCT;

Purchasing Administration Department, Ms. W. Pontip by facsimile in Reply Sheet attached

herewith or Tel. 394-2541-50 Ext. 1724 before February 1,2002.
I stayed four nights and five days at the Hyatton Hotel Paris from July 12 to July 15,

2007. I realized that I was overcharged for 700 dollars. I have paid the bill for four

nights in the suite.

The suite was beautiful with a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower, but I stayed in it

only two nights, the first and last nights. Because of the second night, the suite toilet

broke and overflowed, ruined much of the carpet outside the bathroom. After the

accident, no other suites were available. Then I was moved from the suite room to a

double room.

Thank you in advance for your kindly co-operation. We look forward to seeing you in the meeting.

Yours faithfully,


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