In Styles Magazine Paper

In Styles Magazine Paper

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John Epley

October 9, 2008

Prof. Dowd

English 100P

Is In Style Magazine good for a Woman?

In Style magazine looks like it is a wonderful magazine for woman, because of all the beautiful women advertising clothes and accessories, and all the celebrities in the magazine making standards for women all around the world. If you look at the big picture a woman sees all the ads and photographs and thinks, why can’t I be that beautiful and fit? This leads to plastic surgery, all sorts of makeup, and maybe even serious actions like disorders. In Style shows sexy seductive woman so even men have certain standards of women. If you don’t have a nice posterior, big chest, perfect stomach, and a beautiful face usually you will see a man cringe in disgust. In Style makes people that way by showing beautiful woman and advertising all the makeup and aging creams, they even advertise plastic surgery and botox. When you ask yourself, what are the expectations of a forty-five year old upper-class woman; you would say age defying makeup, top of the line clothes, fit, trendy, and very influenced by looks. Older upper-class women look at In Style and see Meg Ryan (forty-seven) on the front cover and want to look exactly like her, or see Halle Berry (forty-two) on Revlon ads looking as if though she is in her early thirties. Even though Halle Berry and Meg Ryan are in there forties they still look like they are in their early thirties, these looks make all women want to look much younger which makes them get plastic surgery and special creams to help defy age. Not only do older rich women want to look beautiful and young but they must keep up with the top of the line fashion. They are somewhat like a teenage girl, they always want to look beautiful and feel that if they wear certain clothes they will feel popular and people will like them more. In addition In Style magazine is not a great magazine for women because it could cause some serious issues with the woman’s...

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