In the Making

In the Making

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I, me being myself can be the most interesting person you’ll ever meet, in every which way possible. I’ve been through a lot so coming to college is the best accomplishment I’ve done so far. I love to prove people wrong but I also love to prove myself right I don’t like to plan anything because it never comes out according to. My past life isn’t a blur, even though I know it’s there I tend not to think about it, because it usually brings me down.

Growing up was hard, especially the path I came down. Most of my close friends know what I’ve been through they’re there for me and is the closest thing I call family. I love playing basketball, and being active. Staying in shape is what I’m about. Being in the cross country team is a goal I’ve already overcome. However, I never thought I‘d be here in school or do any of the things I’m doing now. Now that I look back I know I can accomplish anything and overcome any obstacle that comes my way. I don’t like to be at home just wasting time, I’d rather be somewhere or with someone that can make me laugh at stupid things.

Although, I may not have any real family support, it’s my motivation that keeps me going. I’m not the type to sit around and watch things happen I like to be the one that makes them happen because in reality nothing in this world is given to you. With all this being said I can conclude that life is not as easy as people make it out to be.

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